Baseball Private Lessons

Our coaches are the most qualified in the Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania,  and New Jersey area.

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Hardball Factory offers personalized training starting at age 8 and up to Division 1 College and Professional level players. Private lessons are 30-minute training sessions with a professional instructor selected specifically for pitching and beyond.

Training skills include

  • Pitching
  • Fielding
  • Hitting

What to Expect

The first session will include an evaluation of current skill level and fundamental competency. This allows your instructor will develop a plan of attack individualized specific to your needs.

The evaluation and plan moving forward will be shared with the player and allow for question and answer period with your instructor at the end of the session.

Each subsequent session players will work with their instructor on various drills relevant to the skill and the needs of the player. Upon completion of the total package of training sessions, feedback and assessment of the player will be shared with player and family.

Players will be videotaped at the beginning of the first evaluation and at the end for your training package.

Baseball Private Lessons in Delaware

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we start earlier than 8?
No, there are academies all over who start private training at ages as young as 4. We understand parents wanting to get the jump on training to get ahead or not fall behind of others. Our belief is that players younger than 8 should just be in the fun informal stage of the game, playing with friends and parents, not focusing on individualized lessons.
Is 30 minutes enough time to get something accomplished?

Yes, the amount of information and work the players receive in 30 minutes has always been the ideal time frame. Older college, professional and some HS players have the option of hour-long sessions.

My son has never played, do you work with brand new players?
Of course, we are here to work with all level of players regardless of their abilities or experience levels.
How do I schedule my lessons?

We have a great system for scheduling that allows for flexibility both for the player and family, as well as the instructor. Each week your instructor will send out the available times for that week.

How do you pick the instructor for my son?

Each player will be assigned to an instructor based on the skill he is learning (pitching, hitting, etc.) as well as the age and ability level of the player.

How can I pay for the packages?

All payments are accepted prior to your lesson through our automated website. Payment is required prior to your lesson.